What is the PCPN ?

Picture of the PCPN committee

The Committee for Geographical Names in Australasia (CGNA) was formed in 1984 to provide a coordinating role in Australian place naming activities. CGNA was established within ICSM in 1993. In October 2015 the name of the committee was updated to the Permanent Committee on Place Names (PCPN).

Representation on PCPN comes from the Australian State / Territory Geographical Names Boards, New Zealand and other individuals with an interest on nomenclature.

In 1998 New Zealand was formally welcomed as a full participating member of PCPN and the Committee became the ‘Committee for Geographical Names in Australasia’.

Macquarie University also joined PCPN in 1999 to help foster a strong working relationship during the development of the National Place Names Project.

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