Addressing 2035

Chair of the AWG, Peter Birkett said that ICSM is pleased to confirm Surround Australia has been awarded the contract to work with its Addressing Working Group to deliver the Australian and New Zealand addressing strategy, “Addressing 2035”.

Addressing 2035 will aim to modernise Australia and New Zealand’s addressing standards and ecosystems to align with the Cadastre 2034 strategy and support a future 3D/4D cadastre.

The Australian New Zealand Land Information Council (ANZLIC) has identified Modernising the FSDF as one of its 10 major five-year initiatives: Modernise ANZLIC’s Foundation Spatial Data Framework (FSDF) – Modernise spatial information to increase its accuracy and reliability and adopt 3D and 4D formats (where applicable) to meet emerging user needs. Review the (FSDF) to ensure it is fit for future purposes (ANZLIC Strategic Plan 2020-24) 

Changes in the cadastral environment (3D/4D) and development of Spatially Enabled Digital Twins of the Built Environment will to be considered in the development of Addressing 2035. Surround Australia have demonstrated their experience in strategy development and are currently involved in the ICSM 3D cadastre model work.

Addressing 2035 will be delivered in the first quarter of 21/22 financial year.