Create a postage stamp

Setting the scene


Each year the states of Australia introduce new postage stamps with pictures and drawings of people, animals, and other things of interest to the citizens of those states.  These are the stamps that we all use when posting letters to family and friends.  Sometimes the design reflects the industry of the state (e.g. wool shearing) , significant geographical features (e.g. Flinders Ranges or Uluru), its people, or man-made structures (e.g. the Sydney Opera House).

For this exercise, you are to pretend that you have been given the task by the Government of a State or Territory to design this year’s postage stamp.


Steps you need to take

  1. Research the State or Territory you have been assigned (your teacher will give you a State or Territory to research).
  2. Design a postage stamp to be used by its citizens (it should include a picture, drawing or symbol of a prominent industry, geographical feature, person, or man-made structure of the State or Territory.
  3. When complete you are to present your stamp to the class and explain why you chose your design.