In April 2010 XXIV FIG International Congress was held in Sydney.  Its theme was: Facing the Challenges - Building the Capacity.  The ICSM community made a significant contribution to this Congress and a selection of their papers (including PowerPoint and flash presentations) are available here.  These papers are seen as presenting an excellent ‘snap shot’ of the Australian and New Zealand spatial community in early 2010.

The full set of Congress Papers is available from the FIG website:

ICSM Overview

Russell Priebbenow 
Delivering Benefit through Collaboration – Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying & Mapping (ICSM) 
Congress Paper 4107   2.1 MB


Bill Hirst 
Cadastre 2014 - Australia and New Zealand: Now and the Future
Congress Paper 3824   0.2 MB

Brian Coutts
Disciplinary Principles for Cadastral Surveyors in Australia and New Zealand
Congress Paper 3980   0.2 MB

Bruce Manners, Don Grant and James Dempsey
Towards Tomorrow’s Cadastral Survey Industry
Congress Paper 4099   1.8 MB


Darren Burns and Robert Sarib
Standards and Practices for GNSS CORS Infrastructure, Networks, Techniques and Applications
Congress Paper 4438   0.4 MB

Don Abbey and Linda Morgan
SP1 - A New Standard for Control Surveys in Australia
Congress Paper 3903   0.4 MB

Gary Johnston and Linda Morgan
The Status of the National Geospatial Reference System and Its Contribution to Global Geodetic Infrastructures
Congress Paper 4116   1.6 MB

Graeme Blick and Don Grant
The Implementation of a Semi-Dynamic Datum in New Zealand - Ten Years On
Congress Paper 3975   1.6 MB

Graeme Blick and Robert Sarib
The Geodetic Infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand: Differences and Similarities
Congress Paper 4065   0.7 MB

Guorong Hu and John Dawson
The Asia Pacific Regional Geodetic Project (APRGP) GPS Solution (1997–2008)
Congress Paper 4113 - Abstract   1.6 MB

Guorong Hu, John Dawson, Gary Johnston and Nicholas Brown
Precision Analysis of GPS for Datum Modernisation in Australia
Congress Paper 4110 - Abstract   1.4 MB

James Millner, Martin Hale, Jacqueline LeLievre, Hayden Asmussen and John Gallagher 
Positioning Infrastructure Used for a Sustainable Future: Case Study from Victoria Australia
Congress Paper 4554 - Abstract   1.5 MB

John Dawson and Alex Woods
Coordinate Transformations between GDA94 and the ITRF
Congress Paper 4105   1.3 MB

John Dawson and Guorong Hu
Improving the Geodetic Infrastructure of the Asia-Pacific Region
Congress Paper 4109 - Abstract   1.1 MB

Matt Higgins
The Role of Positioning Infrastructure in the Technological Future of our Profession
Congress Keynote   1.1 MB

Nicholas Brown, Will Featherstone and Guorong Hu
AUSGeoid09; Improving the Access to Australia’s Vertical Datum
Congress Paper 4316 - Abstract   1.3 MB

Roger Fraser and Nic Donnelly
Progress Towards a Consistent Exchange Mechanism for Geodetic Data in Australia and New Zealand
Congress Paper 3961   1.1 MB

Geographic Names

Bill Watt and Greg Windsor
Place Names in the Spatial Environment
Congress Paper 4559   0.3 MB

Don Grant and Wendy Shaw
Place Naming Legislation in New Zealand
Congress Paper 4557   1.7 MB

Lorraine Bayliss and Bill Watt
CGNA Education Package
Congress Paper 4558   0.5 MB

Rudolph Matindas and Bill Watt 
United Nations Group of Experts on Geographic Names - Structure, Directions and Achievements
Congress Paper 4560   2.3 MB


Case Bosloper
William Dawes Gravity Measurement in Sydney Cove, 1788
Congress Paper 4534   1.8 MB

Geoff Sandford
Larry Wells and the Lost Tribe
Congress Paper 4524   2.1 MB


Brian Connon and Roderick Nairn 
Economic Impact of Hydrographic Surveys
Congress Paper 4588   0.4 MB

Nicholas Dando and Bill Mitchell
Tidal Planes and MSL Errors
Congress Paper 4119 - Abstract   0.9 MB

Roderick Nairn and Jasbir Randhawa 
Competency Certification for Hydrographic Surveyors - The Australasian Experience
Congress Paper 3861   0.5 MB

Roderick Nairn
The Challenge of Surveying and Charting the Antarctic
Congress Paper 4531   3.2 MB

Mapping and Business Practice

Greg Scott 
Spatially Enabled Society Developments in Asia-Pacific Region
Congress Paper 4757   3.4 MB

Greg Scott 
Topographic Mapping in Australia: The Future State
Congress Paper 4003   2.4 MB

Lesley Arnold 
Delivering Sustainable Data and Product Management Business Processes
Congress Paper 4178   2.3 MB

Nevil Cumerford 
The ICSM ePlan Protocol, Its Development, Evolution and Implementation
Congress Paper 3886   0.3 MB

Street Addressing

Anselm Haanen and Brian Goodchild 
A Street Addressing Standard for Australia and New Zealand
Congress Paper 4097   1.0 MB


Eddie Cichocki
Surveying Response to the Victorian Bushfires of February 2009
Congress Paper 4104   1.1 MB

Jim Ollis
A National Survey Standard for Roads and Bridge Construction in Australia and New Zealand
Congress Paper 4001 0.8 MB

Leslie C Fehlhaber and Jemma A Picco
Surveying Challenges to Deliver Tenure for the Eastern Kuku Yalanji People's Native Title Determination in the Wet Tropics of Far North Queensland
Congress Paper 4112   0.6 MB