On Monday 24th February the Minister for Customer Services, Victor Dominello launched the NSW Spatial Digital Twin. The NSW Digital Twin is an ecosystem of spatial data, platforms and governance arrangements that provide role based access to data as determined by the data custodian. The heart of it is the 4D FSDF that has been developed by Spatial Services as an MVP. 

Spatial Services partnered with ESRI (Portal and role based data access and delivery) and Data61 (web based visualisation platform) to deliver the MVP. The MVP cover the 8 LGAs that make up the Western Parkland City Deal covering and area of approximately 8,500 square kilometres.

The launch was covered by a large media contingent and links below to the various television news coverage and written media articles are included below. Also supplied below are links to 3 videos one being a short video of the Spatial Digital Twin, one being a testimonial video that includes comments from industry partners re its value to their business and one that is a recording of the Minister’s presentation.

The launch was recorded by the Media and Social team and is available to watch here: https://vimeo.com/392839696/f03c2618e5

There is a version of the movie and testimonials with sub-titles that you can access from our web site and on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/393303386