December 2016 Newsletter

Mr Mike Burdett hands over
ICSM Chair to Mr Michael Giudici


ICSM met in Perth in conjunction with the Digital Disruption Forum which was also attended by the Valuers and Registrars General from across Australia.

Committee Members

Mr Michael Giudici, Surveyor General of Tasmania, took over as Chair of ICSM from Mr Michael Burdett, in July 2016.

We welcomed three new jurisdictional members to ICSM, Mr Wayne Patterson & Ms Narelle Underwood for NSW and Ms Annaliese Walster now representing Western Australia.

FSDF progress

A major milestone was reached with the demonstration of a beta version of theLINK.

This presentation noted the FSDF’s evolution from a conceptual framework represented in static booklets (2012) to a governed, online, dynamic, cloud-based analysis and discovery tool.

The beta version of theLINK is framed around the FSDF spatial datasets supply chain.  theLINK encapsulates who provides data (generally the state and territory governments), who aggregates to make national datasets and who uses FSDF datasets. The LINK provides the knowledge surrounding the FSDF, combining both traditional metadata and business content for all identified datasets. This is useful as it provides an evidence base for policy development and federated work planning, while also enabling users to not only find national datasets but also the data provided from a jurisdictional level.

Modernising Australia’s datum


Modernising Australia's Datum from Small Island Studio on Vimeo.

Our first Datum animation video is now available.

In response to the original stakeholder questionnaire, we are in the process of establishing an online forum that will be moderated by GMIWG members, and have the capacity to be configured for various technical and implantation subjects. GMIWG members will begin contacting those responders who identified an interest in being involved in the forum facility. We expect it to be in operation by January 2017.

Progress on the finalisation of the national adjustment and completion of the new distortion grid is nearing completion. This is an enormously complex task and also involves coordinating inputs from all the jurisdictions, so the timeline of January 2017 will not be met, however it is expected that by March 2017 all the outstanding technical issues will be resolved and a new national distortion grid will be available for distribution. The small pool of geodesists in Geoscience Australia and all the other jurisdictions have been cooperating to solve these parameters and adjustments, which is also a world first, and something Australia can be really proud of.

The ICSM website is being revamped early in 2017, however the existing site has been updated with lots of Datum related content.

Next ICSM meeting

The next meeting is to be held in Brisbane, 9 & 10 May 2017.

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