To allow easier navigation of this topic, it has been divided it into four sections.



    »  What is Survey Control and Why is it Needed?
    »  How are Survey Measurements Made?
    »  Background
          •   Explaining Some Jargon – Astronomical Observations and Magnetic Bearing
    »  National Surveys
          •   Explaining Some Jargon – Plane and Geodetic Surveying
          •   Explaining Some Jargon – Trig Stations

Surveying Methods

    »  Surveying Methods
          •   Triangulation
                ~ Explaining Some Jargon – Angular Measurement
          •   Trilateration
          •   Traversing

Surveying Heights

    »  Heights
        •   Heights from Barometric Pressure
        •   Heights from Vertical Angles
        •   Heights from Optical Levelling
        •   Explaining Some Jargon – Levelling Instruments

Surveying Using GPS and Conclusion

    »  Surveying with GPS
          •   GPS Baseline
          •   Kinematic GPS
          •   Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS)
          •   Heights from GPS
    »  Explaining Some Jargon – Plate Tectonics
    »  Adjustment of Surveying Measurements

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